How Your Scent Attracts (Or Repels!) Women

How Your Scent Attracts (Or Repels!) Women

 You may have heard that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal. That means that what you don’t say, has a greater effect on your social relationships than what you do say. Non-verbal communication consists of facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, body language, eye contact, touch, appearance, relative closeness, and artifacts; which include the way you dress, the things you own and how you smell, for example.


So why are we telling you this? In short, how you smell - matters. Smell bad, and it’ll leave a lasting impression in people’s minds, whether you say all the right things or not. Here at Old Boy Soap, we know a thing or two about smells. In this article we’re going to give you the 411 on the scents that attract women, and why your current products might be impacting how you are received by others, according to science.


Why does smell matter?


Let’s be real for a second. Time to time, everybody smells. During puberty, teenagers are more likely to smell bad due to the increase in hormones which affects your skin glands. Sweat glands produce chemicals, known as your body odor, which unfortunately - often smells. This can continue throughout your adult life, if you don’t learn the correct hygiene practices or find the right products.


It’s vital that you do practice proper hygiene and find the right products, because how you smell is very important. That’s not our opinion, that’s well supported in science. Your sense of smell is known as olfaction, and it’s one of our five senses. Our senses are the way we understand the environment in which we live; they are responsible for gathering and responding to information that we receive constantly as we go about our daily lives. The reason humans rely on their smell is ultimately for survival.


When you apply this to our earlier point about communication, the importance of how we smell becomes evident. Our survival as a species relies on reproduction; we need to appeal to sexual mates so that we can reproduce and continue our genetic lineage. At a subconscious, primal level, we make assumptions about the quality of a mate. This is known in evolutionary anthropology as mate choice theory.


Mate choice theory and the power of smell


Mate choice is the name of the process practiced by members of one sex that leads to preferred mating. It is shown across all species - for example, female brown capuchin monkeys follow a male making loud distinct noises and facial expressions. The louder the vocalizations, the better the monkey has a chance of being chosen to mate.


Sexual selection is the very basis of evolutionary theory and natural selection and can be seen all around us in society. It’s the way we signal to potential mates that we are healthy and fertile, and thus, better able to continue our genes.


One key way to signal to potential mates that you are healthy and fertile is your smell. As stated in this 2017 study published in Insect Science, smells are the most ancient form of communication. This is known scientifically as pheromones-based sexual selection. For reference, pheromones are the chemical signals naturally produced by the body that release into the environment that are smelled, often subconsciously, by the people around us.


According to Dr. Mike Anderson, “pheromones are basically the chemicals that fuel biological attraction, and subsequently - sexual attraction.” That’s a powerful statement! The way you smell, fuels sexual attraction. How do you smell? How’s your luck in relationships? Do you think it may be due to how you smell?


Why cologne doesn’t work


Based on this scientific understanding of smell and our instinctual desire towards people who smell good, it explains why the global fragrance market size reached $33.69 billion in 2020 and will continue to grow to $40.91 billion by 2025, and an estimated 63 percent of adult males wear fragrance. We want to smell good. It makes sense.


In 1995, a study was conducted in Switzerland in which a group of female participants were asked to sniff the unwashed t-shirts of a group of anonymous men, who had worn the t-shirts while sleeping for two nights, without using pheromone-blocking substances like cologne or smoking cigarettes. The study aimed to understand how pheromones affect sexual attraction.


Interestingly, the women had strong preferences towards certain shirts. Even more interestingly, the men whose shirts were favored were healthier men. It’s clear that these healthy males were emitting certain pheromones that registered with women as being healthier and thus better mates.


Does that mean you should cover yourself in cologne to attract women? No, here’s the reality: colognes can mask your natural pheromones. What’s worse is that they can affect your natural pheromones and make you smell worse. This is because colognes contain endocrine disruptors. The endocrine system is responsible for secreting hormones and… could you guess? Pheromones.


The best way to smell better


If you want to smell better naturally without masking your pheromones, and make your natural scent even more appealing, here’s what you need to do: switch to Old Boy Soap.


Avoiding the known endocrine disruptors that are often in fragrance products is key to smelling better. Instead opt for natural alternatives like Old Boy Soap, which contains high quality essential oils and Oud Oil, which is an extremely rare and sought-after scent. Oud Oil can be characterized by a seductive and musky scent, and will enhance your natural pheromones to increase your desirability to the opposite sex.


Old Boy is a handcrafted artisanal soap that guarantees to transform the way you smell and make you irresistible to women. The basis of this soap is supported by science, and reinforced by happy customers that are feeling more confident and alluring than ever.


If you want to smell better and attract women, it’s time to throw out your pungent colognes that offset your endocrine system and mask your natural pheromones, and opt for a natural and effective alternative - Old Boy Soap. Click here to learn more.