About Us


There’s something manly about taking care of your skin and smelling great. Ancient warriors, from Roman legionaries to Viking raiders, used natural soap to clean and heal their skin after battle. The soap they used was based on natural ingredients and remain the superior choice for the modern man. We craft premium natural soaps for men the way it is supposed to be made — from the best available ingredients

The Secret to Great Skin

Our journey began with American dermatologist, Dr. Francis Beaumont’s research on how artificial additives and fillers in soap affect men’s hormones. He discovered that the dry skin, itchiness and hormonal unbalance would reverse when men changed to natural soap. This led Dr. Beaumont on a quest to source the best ingredients for his miracle soap formula.

After years of testing countless ingredients, he finally perfected his formula by carefully infusing the extremely rare Oud Oil. In the beginning he was selling his miracle soaps at farmers markets, where they became immensely sought after. Today, his original miracle formula with its signature seductive musky Oud scent is available under the OLD BOY brand.

More Expensive per ounce than Gold

Our soaps are enriched with Oud Oil, one of the rarest, most precious and expensive ingredients in skincare products. Oud is a dark aromatic resin that naturally forms in Agarwood. The oil is primarily concentrated in the heartwood of the trees, where it is naturally aged, intensifying its fragrant aroma. The result is an exceptionally complex and attractive scent, unique to each bottle of Oud Oil.

Each species of Agarwood has its own character and properties, and changes depending on the age, region of origin, extraction and destination technique. The distilling process is extremely time consuming taking weeks to distill just 30-50 deciliter of oil from a kilo of wood. As agarwood costs thousands of dollars per kilo, this process makes Oud Oil more valuable than gold.


Artisanal soaps handcrafted in USA

All our soaps are handmade by true artisans. Each artisan is trained in the art of preserving the natural micronutrients, vitamins and minerals of the ingredients. We use only natural and organic ingredients to achieve the finest masculine scent on the market. By hand-selecting the most exclusive and rare ingredients and testing thousands of recipes and batches, we have achieved the most premium natural bath soaps and shampoos for men to date.


The Miracle of Pure Natural Soap

Our miracle soaps are free from artificial fillers and chemical additives, meaning each bar of soap will last much longer than other bar soaps and liquid shampoos. Using less soap, you can achieve superior hygiene and skin health. Our soaps and shampoos are the excellent choice for men suffering from dry skin, eczema psoriasis or dandruff.


As a man, your face is your one of your most valuable assets

Damaged or dry skin is severely affects people’s impression of you. Do not let harsh soaps stand in your way of the life you deserve. The OLD BOY miracle soap helps your skin restore its natural health and strong impenetrable appearance.